Court of Common Pleas Judge

Listen to the facts of each case with compassion and equity for all involved and apply the law fairly.

Welcome from Vince

After more than 30 years of practicing law, I closed my law office to accept an appointment to the Court Of Common Pleas, Philadelphia County, as a Judge....

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I started working in a law office at the age of 19. In 1977 I started at the Law Office of Stack & Gallagher as a file clerk. I basically worked for the secretaries file all the papers at City Hall and Federal Court...

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Make A Difference

Judge Melchiorre, then a practicing attorney who was assigned to represent Marcel as part of his service to Child Advocates, immediately saw potential which had been overlooked....

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The importance of your vote for judge

  A Judge can take your money, your freedom, your children, your property and your estate, so you should pay attention to the qualifications of the people you vote for, to become a judge.  You should look at their experience, length of practice, bar rating, demeanor and service to their community, before you decide who

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