In The Community

vincem_smlogo150nMaster Melchiorre started training in 1973 in a traditional Japanese Martial Art known as  Shotokan Karate, attaining the rank of Shodan. After ten years of training, he had to take some time off from his formal training to finish Law School and start his own Law firm in Center City Philadelphia.

At the end of 1988 he started to look for a place to start his formal training again.  As his schedule would not allow much time for travel, he decided to try a local studio not far from his home in South Philadelphia.  The place was Shin Karate Institute and it was owned by Grandmaster J. Chul Shin.  He started there in January of 1989, and although he was already a proficient Shotokan Black Belt he started over as a white belt and received his Black Belt in Tang Soo Do in 1993.  He currently holds the rank of Sah Dan (4th degree) Master Instructor.

He is a life time member in the World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA) who’s Chairman of the Board and President is Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin, which has member studios in Thirty Six countries throughout the World.  Master Melchiorre was Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee and on the Board of Directors of the WTSDA from 1993 thru September 2008.

He’s been a WTSDA certified instructor in Tang Soo Do since 1993. Known for his outstanding spirit, determination and non stop drive. He was voted World Tang Soo Do Association   ‘Student of the Year’ in 1998.


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