The importance of your vote for judge


A Judge can take your money, your freedom, your children, your property and your estate, so you should pay attention to the qualifications of the people you vote for, to become a judge.  You should look at their experience, length of practice, bar rating, demeanor and service to their community, before you decide who you should vote for Judge.  I think if you look at my qualifications, experience and community service, you will find that I am the right person for the job.

When people look to whether someone is qualified to be a Judge they really should study the candidates. Unlike Legislators, Congressman or Senators who need at a minimum a majority of their colleges to pass anything, a Judge alone can have a huge impact on your life. A Judge makes decisions alone which could take years to change, if ever, if he or she makes a mistake. So the citizens of Philadelphia, should examine the candidate for the qualities that I have mentioned, before deciding who to vote for in the election on May 19, 2015.

Paid for by Committee to Elect Vince Melchiorre Judge.